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Who is Annabelle?

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Who is Annabelle

There is a very sentimental reason for naming the Tea Room "Annabelle's."

Anna Belle Miriah Brien Evans was my grand-mother, for whom tea was an essential part of her day. Tea time for grandma was an institution. At 4 o'clock, as matter-of-factly as anything done on a regular basis, she would proceed to the kitchen as if reminded by an internal clock. I would get the small china tea set and set the table by the window in the dining room. There, as the sunlight streamed in, we would sip tea, have a biscuit, or two, and talk about the day.

These are childhood memories that I cherish. In her honour, I have created a place for people to spend time together and perhaps create lovely memories of their own. Tea time has a way of making an ordinary day an occasion. Please relax and enjoy the moment.

Welcome to Annabelle's
"Where everyday is an occasion"

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